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Advice on Buying a 05 1700 Midnight Star

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This will be my 2nd star bike, first was a 650 classic which I rode to Daytona this past year from Cincinnati OH - great bike. I am getting ready to buy the 1700 this weekend, but want to make sure I have done enough research before shelling out the CASH! Problems I have come accross researching on the net:

1. Leasking gas out of the carb? Is this common, either a hot or cold engine?
2. Exhaust valves sticking
3. Cylinder mis fire issues/problems

With all this wisdom found within the site, I was hoping for a few minutes of everyone's time to provide some quick feed back, GOOD or Bad. I hope these are isolated issues in a small number of bikes, but you never know. If you have this bike, please free to give any additional input.

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Reliable bike


Any problems will show up on a blog. But if a bike never fails it never shows up there. I don't believe the Roadstar has any real high mortality problems. It is a reliable as any bike you can buy. It is one of Yamaha's best bikes. Go for it. It is Yamaha's most customized bike.

Of course I have a Liner so I think it is the best. I bought it during the introduction sale, 43,000 miles and zero failures. I would think if I have zero failures your odds would be better on a bike that has been out for a long time.

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