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Air box MIA??

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This is my first cruiser and I can't believe that I can't find the air box. I'm assuming it's under the fuel tank. Anybody have any tips on how one might access it easily? I'm used to a sport bike or a dirt bike where it was right there in plain sight.
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By right leg,top center of engine..Upside down triangle,stock has "stratoliner" written on it..Randy

You have probably figured out by now but the air box is under the tank. You must remove the tank to change it. You can see a part of it if you remove the instrument cluster through the small hole. I don't think you can see it anywhere else without removing the tank.

My Stratoliner still has the stock filter. Some remove the cover and install a K&N with washers leaving off the top. Some install a kit that adds two filters. These add noise and reduce mileage. I stuck with stock, I'm happy with the performance.

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