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Air Pressure Gauge Recomendation

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Can anyone recommend a quality pressure gauge for traveling?

Craftsman seems to make a neat little digital one.

Thanks, ahead of time!:)
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On the road I carry a pencil type in my bag, when I buy a new one I always check it against one I know is accurate. In the shop I use a digital that I really like, and it is right on. Be careful that you can use the digital one, on the one I have, I think it's called "Accutire", depends on your wheels if it will fit on the valve with limited space, if you have 90 degree stems, no problem. Ride safe :)

I use a cheap digital one. It seems to work OK. I think if you compair it with a knowen good one once you will be safe.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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