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This is borrowed, and I thought everybody would enjoy this owner's first experience ride home from his dealer. I wish him and his wife, thousands of care-free, and adventure-stacked miles. Hearty congratulations, to he and his co-riding wife. All the best!


"Your hopes have been answered! Mrs. and me hopped on the K1600 for our final ride and rode it 2 1/2 hours to the dealer. We arrived at around 3:30 and left for home with the TC around 7pm. They close at 5:30 on Fridays. The Quebec shop had PDI'd the bike, and as well, a local mechanic looked it over. Luckily they have put an Eluder through the shop. The initial PDI had put the front rim on reversed, but a road test revealed an ABS glitch, which was then rectified. The local shop also ditched the battery, put in a new one. It is the 4th bike I have bought from this dealer, although it has been through 3 names and as many owners. I find them lazily conscientious, they do a really good job with what's in front of them, but can't deal with diversions. Any sign of "out of the ordinary" can spook them.

We got our financing through Yamaha, and as I had hoped, we ended up with a small drop in payment. My strategy was to ask for a specific monthly payment, rather than demand this reduction for the new bike and that value for trade. In the end they had to discount the TC $2,700 and give me $21,500 for my K1600. Just for comparison, my local Yamaha offered me $19,000 on trade and $0 discount and missed my target payment by $60. Also for comparison, my local Honda shop offered me $14,000 on trade and promised to work with me a bit on the price of the Gold Wing, so there's that. The dealership gave us a $250 accessory/apparel credit as well, and out of pocket we paid for a 5yr tire/rim protection plan for $460 (399+tax). Yes, sales tax here is 15% which is how we can afford free health care.

The ride home was just wonderful, I had to work to keep the "grin" from my face, serious stuff and all that, with my wife on back. She complained about the leather seat on the K1600 being too slippery, but I am pleased to report that is no problem with the TC. And the drop in noise is startling. We used our Senas for comm and I honestly had to turn it down because of the lack of engine/wind/background noise. The TC is QUIET compared to the K1600. We grabbed a Sammy at Subway and one, after another, after another, after another, person stopped to look, to ask, to admire. Feels good to pick a winner. People also stop to look at the K1600, but they look at it like you cross bred a dog with a cat, and they ask things like "does it lift its leg in the litter box?" and "does it come when you call it and ignore you when it gets there?"

Another interesting comparison, you felt "in" the k1600, not on it, if that makes any sense, the tank and saddle engulfed you, the passenger was close, like a sport bike, and the dash and windshield were "right there," but the TC feels more like a motorbike, and when you look around you see things that look "normal."

With the new bike I have a couple issues so small they are not worth complaining about, there was no manual for the "bike" part of the bike, got the one for the TV. I have an electronic version of the owners manual I downloaded a few weeks ago. Second, the loop to pull for the operator backrest remote latch was left hidden from reach under the seat, which I removed and reinstalled and that's that. With the motor oil filler under the seat, looks like it is good to familiarize myself with its removal sooner anyway.

I used the sure park to put the TC in the garage when we got home. Nifty. I have had 3 bikes with a reverse, this is the first with sure park. Another first for me, I rode home with a passenger. I normally reserve my first ride for me alone, you know, to get used to the bike and such, so that was new. On the one hand, it was more responsibility, but on the other hand, it was nice to have someone to talk to. She heard a lot of "this bike this" and that bike that" sort of speak, but I just could not help compare.

Today I have to bring the bike into town to shore up my insurance. I am going to put some tunes on a USB device and roll in style. I had to wait too long to get it, and maybe I hade to call for updates too frequently along the way, but in the end, it was worth the wait.


Post Edit: I suggest to this new owner, that he advance the back rest out to the first (of three) advanced positions. I am almost 6'4" and weigh in at 260 pounds, and yet, this one-advanced forward position really gave my lower back the support it needs, and had me feel triangulated into the full saddle. I'm going to be leaving it there..and even gives my wife more room in the back. Note: I have the Yamaha Tall Boy backrest that you can buy from the accessory selection. I very much recommend procuring one, to replace the low set stock unit. It makes a world of difference in back support and comfort. I also suggest to this new owner, that in hindsight, the cost to put on the custom Heel 'n Toe gear shifter, and the Billet rear brake pad, also...adds to rider comfort...and in the case of the Heel 'n Toe shifter, what you will save in replacing shoes tops (over your toes) damaged by the constant abrasion of up-thrust to shift into a higher gear, will totally negate the cost of buying the Heel n' Toe shifter...and that great feel to the foot with having much more square inches to press down upon to downshift, or press your heel upon to up-shift. Same rider experience goes for the add contact point, flat and wide compared to the round little stump of both the rear break OEM pedal, and the OEM gear shifter. Trust me, when I say, it makes a real difference. Also...I have 12 going on 13 for a shoe size...and I can use every square inch of both the left and right floor board. You can move your toes under both custom shift or brake additions. That these will take away your ability to shift your foot to any new position is utterly false, and this being stated with lunar-landing pads that I have to support my body, lol! Highly recommend, the both of them!
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