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I have a 1998 Royal Star and I'm very happy with this bike. I love it!!

I'm installing some chrome parts and I'm getting mad to get the OEM part STR4NK271501, the Royal Star Breather Covers (I'm looking for smooth, but at this stage, doesnt matter if smooth or milled).

As per my information, this item is not manufactured by Yamaha anymore, so I'm trying to find it in a dealer, or anyone that maybe have it as second hand.... anything!. Or if it is not Yamaha, but from another manufacturer, no problem!.

You better believe, I try to find it WORLDWIDE! but nothing to do :(

Can anyone help me if knows a dealer where maybe have it in stock, or any information or anything to know how can I get it.... or is it impossible :(:(:(:(

Thank so much for any help or information....

Kind regards,
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