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This will be the first year I've been able to go on a cycle in many years...
Iyam sofaking stoked!!!

I love the bike races, & have been an avid roadracing fan since the early 80's.
Back then I lived in Minnesota, so every year at Brainerd was my annual blow out weekend once I was of an age where I didn't party as hard as I used to.
But that weekend was mine.
All kinda craziness...
I've got some stories.

I live in Wisconsin now, about a 45 minute ride from Road America, with some damn fine riding on the way. Big sweepers, tighter twisties, & lots of elevation changes since it's on the edge of Kettle Moraine.
Brainerd was cool, but Road America is a better track no contest.
Totally A#1 world class awesome venue.
Good times!
Turn one for the start, then cruise to different locations on the track for race action & cool concessions & vibes.
Thousands of bikes everywhere, babes, vending, food & drink.
It's a homerun!
Maybe I'll see you there.
Turn one at the start, look me up. :D


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