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Anyone have a Mustang rider w/backrest? How do you like it?

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Been waiting to try a Ultimate Seats New rider seat w/backrest and found a Mustang w/backrest and wondered if anyone out there has an opinion on theirs?
The one I found is a "Wide Vintage Solo w/backrest"
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Mustang seat

I have a Mustang seat but I did not get the back rest. Like the seat, sometimes wish I had gotten the back rest. you will not be sorry.
Is it the same height and distance from the handle bars as the stock seat? I like my riding position but get tired of the numb butt.
Sorry to keep asking questions, but does it install just like the stock seat?
Mustang seat


Yes the two peace Mustang seat fits into the same mount and latch as the stock seat.

As to the tired butt, I believe the Mustang seat does breath a little. But lambs wool or a bead seat might help.

Some of what you have to do is just toughen up some from riding.

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fit and feel

Is it the same height and distance from the handle bars as the stock seat? I like my riding position but get tired of the numb butt.
i have this seat with back rest. it seems to set you in the same position as the stock seat but is way more comfortable and the seat has a much much better back rest built into it even without the removeable back rest. i though the removeable back rest would hardly be used except for long trips but after riding with it a bit i have found it sucks to be without it. i love the seat so far but it is early in the year and i just got mine end of ride season last year. so far i have 400 miles ride time this year but no long rides. just short 50 - 100 mile runs. but so far so good. i think just about any seat will be better than the stock seat.

I have an 07' Stratoliner and one of the first things I noticed was although a nice stock seat, it wasn't that comfortable on the long haul. I bought the full Mustang set up and can not tell you enough how glad I am that I did. The back rest is adjustable for rider arm length (forward & back) about three inches or so. It really helps with lumbar support making long rides way better.

Make the purchase, you won't regret it.
I've had both

The Ultimate cost more but was harder, I was disappointed in it. The Mustang is superior, I have used one on several bikes. Get the seat with the driver backrest and the matching pillion for your passenger if you have one. You won't regret it, except of course when you pay for it. But hey, we all spend $10,000 - $30,000 for bikes but whine to spend $600 for a good seat which will make it so you might actually ENJOY your ride instead of TOUGHING it out. You'll win kudos from the back seat rider too!:)

Also, like the other guy said. Get some seat beads (beadrider.com) and the combo of the 2 will make you smile! These 2 things are in the top 10 of what anyone can do to increase their riding experience!
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