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Anyone know anyone that port's

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Looking for port work and cams for a 650 I know get a bigger bike but I think the potential is there for a bit more

Direction is appreciated
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Ward performance or Lazer Porting.
I've had several Ward heads, they do good work.
Lazer Porting does a good job also, have built a few customer engines using them.
Megacycle can build the cams, you'll need slotted sprockets or some other way to adjust cam timing. Hot cams will require pistons, JE can make them.
APE would be the guys to talk to about valves, springs, retainers and such.
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Lol welp 1220 in parts that haven't shipped or shipped and (got lost) and strangely at ruffly the same time ... Lol on top of a certain companies payroll sub contractor locking me out of my account for the 6th time in 6 months ...

Hate to sound or be negative but is it really that difficult to write a check .... Or back up your products when you ship them out ? Instead we are back to this useless digital complete control issue we were years ago that resulted in metric tones of electronic waste 😂 rant aside I looked in to it I couldn't find aftermarket pistons or cams the head shop looked promising but with the piss poor service and stupid rates for stuff that ( goes missing in the mail) I'm about done with all this

It's unfortunate that people dedicated their lives their families and their future to protect people that use the system as a racket

Vent aside again I appreciate all the support I've gotten here with my project unfortunately the passive wet fat that service has become has me questioning where I'm going to go with this... Might just sell a broke bike with parts of parts and recipes of stuff I didn't get to someone everyone can take advantage of using negligence and deniably of responsibility to get away with it
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