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I was sick of guessing the minimum pressure required to ride without bottoming out so I installed an air pressure gauge. Needless to say I don't know why it works like such crap.

When first pumping up the shock the gauge goes from 0-80psi relatively quickly, and at 80psi the bike starts to rise. The gauge stays at 80psi all the way until the bike is at its highest ride height?

When I get on the bike the gauge jumps to 120psi (understandable) but even when I let enough air out so the bike is half way to the ground the gauge still reads 120?

Am I doing something wrong or is the harbor freight 160psi gauge to blame? I just have it plumbed in with a tee between the compressor and shock. I was hoping to get a precise reading that I could remember as the minimum psi I would like to ride with and this gauge isn't much help.
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