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Welcome teeth and eyeballs!

Let the learning begin!
We'll start with some questions:

One, what the bloody hell does that name mean?
Two, gives us a bit more background about yourself
Three, what other bikes have you ridden?
Four, what made you choose the 1100 custom?
Five, what year is it?
Six, what color is it?
Seven, does it have any mods?
Eight, eight.....I forget what eight was for but.....
Nine, where are the bloody pics?

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Given that Australia started as a prison colony of the British Empire, I'd say he was born in prison! Lol just kidding.....but, I gotta say, good bike choice!

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Hey guys, thanx for the welcome!
To answer some questions:
1) visions resulting from too many mushroooms! haha
2) 39 y.o. ex army
3) Yamaha R6 & trail bikes as a kid
4) good looking bike suitable as a platform for adding to.
5) 2007 model
6) Midnight (black)
7) PCS progressive spring, lowering kit, BAK (about to switch to pods), Corbin "gunslinger" seat, braided cables & lines, forward controls, Bub "jug huggers" exhaust, SS "502" kit on the way. Its a work in progress...
Oh, and never done any time!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts