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I am getting back in the saddle after a 15 year hiatus. I had to put motorcycling on the back burner because of my previous military service up to my last deployment which ended Jan 09. I am retired now, and would really like to relocate to Huston where I can ride more than 4 months a year.
I used to ride Yammie sport bikes, but those days are over. After doing a lot of shopping for everything under the sun, I concluded that my favorite of the bunch was the VStar 1300T. It comes in at half the cost of a comparable Harley. I love the advancements Yamaha has made since the early 90's. Belt drive, fuel injection and liquid cooled v-twins. It's much better than the old 1100 virago, which was still great in it's day. The belt drive is simply smoother and puts more power to the ground than a less efficient shaft drive. And even though shaft drive lash was never that big a deal to me, belt has none.
I appreciate the liquid cooling, it makes a big difference to me. So does the injection, especially on a colder morning and at higher altitude. I look forward to reading about the vstar bikes and will eventually join the Patriot Guard rides when I get resettled.

"With a full tank and an empty stomach I say on to you in the words of my forefathers: Let's ride!"
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