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I have had my 2012 950 V Star (non-touring) for a year and I believe it is time to get a windshield and saddlebags for some future rides.

I never owned these accessories and there's so many choices. I would like to get others first hand opinions on what might best fit for my bike. I would rather spend no more than $500, after all they're my 1st set.

I would like to use these for not only local rides or errands, but weekend trips as well.

I would prefer saddlebags with a lock within them.

Does the windshield size matter compared to my own height? I'm 5' 9".


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i believe you can get a set of hardbags with a lock for probably around $200. for the windshield, you're probably best going with a Yamaha one since it's specifically fitted for your ride. and that fits right in with your budget. windshield height seems to be a matter of personal preference. i'm 5'10" and got one of the shorter windshields and i don't have any problem with wind buffeting and such.
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