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If any of youse have never been to "Barbers Motorsport Park" outside of Birmingham Al. you should make going there a priority some time before you die. World class road course race track and the worlds finest motorcycle museum.
October 12-14 this year, the "Vintage Rally" is once again being held.
Ten riders and myself are riding from Florida on the morning of the 12th to be in Birmingham before night fall. We're grouping up at exit 358
on I-75 at the "Loves Truck Stop" on the west side of the highway at 0530. Kick stands up at 0600. If anybody wants to ride up with us...you know where to be and when. We're camping trackside in lot C.
If you buy your tickets online (highly suggested) and you plan on camping...you want lot C. Lot B is on a hillside. Lot C is flat ground and is where most people want to be to rub elbows.
Here's a link for youse... http://www.barbervintagefestival.org/
Take the virtual tour of the museum. Incredible place it is!

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