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2007 Vstar 1100 Custom Midnight
has aftermarket exhaust (BUBS)
K&N air filter in the stock filter housing
everything else is stock

Just installed new starter gear clutch
checked the valves (all in spec)
installed new plugs
changed oil filter
made sure timing is correct

Once I got the bike back together I started it up and it sounded like either the timing was off or there was a bad exhaust leak or it was not running on both cylinders

I double checked the timing its good
I installed new gaskets for the exhaust
I confirmed I had spark for both plugs (spark tester tool)

Plugs are black and sooty
exhaust really sounds off, very very loud almost hollow. Note sure how to explain how the exhaust sounds but is off

Both pipes get hot fast so I believe I am firing on both cylinders

prior to the work I did, bike sounded fine. I didn't mess with the carbs.

Any thoughts as to what I should look? With black sooty plugs is it running too rich and would it running rich cause the exhaust to sound that bad?

any help would be great

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