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Hello everyone; new members, long-time members, and everyone inbetween. This is a call for Bike of the Month entries. We have two weeks left in March, and I would like to see your best photos before April.

The members of the forum vote for the bike that they like best. The following is a good guideline for entering your bike for the BOTM poll:

To enter your bike, all you need to do is provide the info below along with a photo(s). And don't forget the story behind the bike because that can often turn the trick!

The winner for each round will be chosen by our members' votes and forever immortalized in the BOTM Hall! Plus, your bike will be featured on the front page of starbikeforums.com for the world to see upon entering the site! The information you post about your bike will accompany it on the home page.

Eng size:
Length of time to build:
And the story/inspiration/additional comments:

As long as you haven't won in the past year you can enter again each month. There are many ways your bike may be entered in the monthly contest:

Your bike may be chosen for voting from our photo gallery (Star Motorcycle Forums: Star Raider, V-Max, V-Star, Road-Star Forum - Photo Gallery), you may voluntarily submit a thread in this sub-forum using the template above, or your bike may be chosen for voting from any pic you've posted in any thread on the forums. Your best bet is to voluntarily submit a thread in here specifically for the contest. Be sure to check the rules here periodically for any changes to the contest.

Here, at StarBikeForums we have often resorted to finding bikes from the gallery, as listed just above, or from the "show of your..." bike model within the model sections of the forum, or wherever you've posted pics of your cool ride.

I would like to encourage active participants. It doesn't matter what kind of bike. The only thing that matters is if you have not previously won BOTM, and if your bike is a COOL bike. And who doesn't want to look at all the cool bikes on this forum?!?

Full side shots of the bike are usually best for photo entries. Please show off your bike here. We want to see your rad ride! Thanks everyone!

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March is almost over, which means this is a last call for peeps who want to formally enter their bike as a contestant for BOTM.

Please refer to the direction above. Also be aware that any bike may be nominated or chosen to be entered as a contestant in the BOTM poll.

Thanks guys and gals!

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Great. Glad to see an entry! Lots of upgrades on that Roadstar. Nice. The month of May is right around the corner. Will look towards seeing you in the next BOTM.

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I want in... :p
08 vstar custom with
stealth faring
4x 5.25 pioneer 3 ways
2 x (6x9) 3 ways in the bags
pioneer headunit
daymaker led
gangster front fender
highway pegs
crash/engine bar
relocated turn signals
curbslammer rear fender
j and p cycles tail light assembly
roadking 5in streched hard bags
cobra longshots extended 13in
(one baffle removed)
custom pegs, mirrors,
shifter, brake pedals
White wall dunlop's front and back

vid walk around

Just that i like it...got a new seat being built by saddlemen... will update with pics and review soon too...

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