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After a small delay, the BOTM or Bike Of The Month contest is now OPEN!!

If you notice, there is already a bike enshrined in the BOTM Hall. That honor goes to the month of January 2011 since his bike was the first ever submitted for the bike of the month and since there was a 2 year delay in getting this started. As this thing goes along, we may change it up a little in how you submit your bike for voting or how the voting goes or even the rules, but we still want to enshrine a new bike each and every month from now on to showcase to all the members here. So even if you have already submitted your bike before, do so again. For the time being, you can submit your bike each and every month if your ride has not already been enshrined. The more you submit, the more likely your bike will get chosen.

So check the BOTM rules announcement frequently for any possible changes. You don't have to fill everything out to submit your bike, but the more information you share about your ride the more information people will have when deciding on whom to vote for that month.

For the month of February, since it's just around the corner, and as a test for how this thing will go, we're voting on bikes that have already been submitted. Any votes you make will be for these bikes listed below. Any submissions of your own bike you make now will be for voting for March's BOTM. Any feedback is appreciated.

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