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the light hood is heavy gauge brass with a copper 3 inch strip welded to center top. i brass double screws that are raised through out the copper and brass works.

white walls leather saddle bag from 1912 and the use of leather strips go great with the deer antlers . that is a crash bar and foot rests the antlers would break in a crash, but the round steel is welded.

this black widow, complete with natural red garnet , is lying flat on what is now a storage compartment -i have installed brass wing nuts since pic, the ones climbing the copper on front fender are arranged like they are crawling.

the black& silver flame finish is factory. it was awesome so i simply left it as is. the white areas are reflections

the leather is not gator or croc, it is stamped.

i had to include this skull ring. note: eyes blue sapphire, spider has red garnet, teeth are AF-Luminova

Year: 2007

Make/Model: Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic

Eng size: 1100cc-actually less

Modifications: 6 inch rear drop, cams, Pipes, home made Running lights, Carb Mod & Jetting , external oil filter ,ignition coils & wires, new Yamaha modified Starter Clutch --yea... this is a mode lol

Accessories:seats . windshield , tach, tail lights, brass and copper head light hood, steel braid,white walls, welded steel foot rests & crash bars with deer antlers, copper and brass work front fender , side covers, permanent 1912 leather saddle bag --

Length of time to build: one week

And the story/inspiration/additional comments:

the first bike i ever rode was a 125 yamaha. I was 13 and a " mascot" with the south florida outlaws. rode all over sf with a black beret, imagine .. like an old wild bunch movie with this kid on a hot 125 cc with guys on harley's..

from that summer of fun, i would do on to build 39 bikes. from triumph (7)and harley (12) to honda cb750 (5) and i between. many i built rode for 6 mos then sold.

.. in any case, when our 4th daughter was born 17 years after her last sister , i sold my awesome miami dolphin blue magneto driven (no battery) , back brake only, super chopped triumph and gave up riding.

it is funny what happens later in life. you begin to fear that you will wipe out leaving your daughter to fend for herself. notice i did not say wife! 48 years of riding and several road whacks and i nver gave it a thought. but then age occurs and new life and you think..

9 years slipped by when i saw an add for v star. i mean i saw it and went to the dealer with my daughter to look at the 1100. it did not take too many "just get it" from the wife and daughter to make a decision.

like any bike addict, after studying the web as too customization and tricking out , i invested in the parts and then, and only then, did I purchase this 1100 off the floor--- it was the first new bike i ever invested in-- I had it stripped down the first week end. I have many talents including watch restoration and jewelry fabrication . i used copper silver steel & leather for trim work . I have a skull ring with a black widow i carved and cast, so i carved 30 spiders in wax and cast them. i welded them to heavy copper sheet and used this on the bike.
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