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Blue Exhaust

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I mentiond back on a past thread about this bike I just bought. It has Cobra Drag Pipes and the exhaust was discolored. Sugar Bear replied it might be runnin lean and not properley jetted. Well he may be right cause you have to choke this thing to start it and you can smell the exhaust. I am a gonna clean the carbs next week and I bought a Cobra rejet kit just in case I need it. It has 3,800 miles on it and I heard to reset the valves at 4000 miles. Im gonna have the carbs off so I might as well do it.
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On my 2000 vstar 1100 mine are yellowing for about 6 inches where exhaust connects to engine, i have put some chrome polish on it , helps some. Mine has recently been rejetted, tuned, BAK added, and cobra slip ons added, i still have yellowing in this area , hopefully i dont get it on any of the new exhaust. Hope it works out for you.
Choke test

I think lean is probably the case. I read of a choke test. Pull the choke half way out. If the bike runs better it is lean if it runs worse it is rich. Needing to choke a warm engine to start is a good clue. Checking the color of plugs can be a clue.

Probably not the case but letting the engine idle long periods while not moving can contribute. Things can get hot. Long pulls at full throttle can be hard on pipes too.

Yep Dave,
Just as you said. And the choke test is right on. its runnin lean. Got a Cobra rejet kit in the garage.
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