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OWNER: Babyspider

2007 V Star 1300 tourer

It has so many parts and pieces added to it that it would take all evening to post them. Let's just say there is hardly a part on this bike that hasn't been painted changed or at least touched lol.

OWNER: scaramouche

2009 Roadliner S


OWNER: Old V Star Man

2007 1100 Classic

OWNER: tigrzeye

2014 Stratoliner Deluxe

Year = 2014
Make/Model = Star Stratoliner Deluxe
Eng size = 1854cc
Modifications: None really
Tall Yamaha Fairing Windshield
Yamaha Windshield Bag
Kuryakyn ISO Grips w/Throttle Toss
Danny Gray Buttcrack Solo seat
Danny Gray 2UP XL Seat
Yamaha detachable Tall Sissy Bar with rack
Yamaha Billet Passenger Floor Boards
Yamaha Rear Fender Chrome Rack
Yamaha Passing Lamps
Yamaha Saddle Bag Lid Organizers
JPD Lower Cowls
Yamaha Star Big Bar Engine Guards
Mustang Sissy Bar Roll Bag

Length of time to build: 3 1/2 Months

I really was just taking my 2012 V-Star 1300 Tourer to the dealer for winter storage back in November. But since my Girl Friend was not there right away to pick me up I visited the showroom while I was waiting. And there she was, a brand spankin' new 2014 Stratoliner Deluxe!! The red color grabbed me right away but then sitting on her sealed the deal. When my GF got there I showed her my new bike (she thought I was kidding) and gave me an "it's nice" and walked away. Over the next 2-3 weeks I went back and forth with accessories I wanted and getting a decent deal on her. Dec 21st I signed the papers and she was mine.

Do you know how long the winter is when you are waiting for a new toy?? The wait seemed longer than Noah waiting for the flood to end and finally 2 weeks ago I got to bring her home. Thanks to all on the forum who answered my gazillion questions, your help was definitely appreciated!!

OWNER: Westtexstrat

2009 Roadliner

OWNER: pancakecircus



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Congrats Westtexstrat One sweet bike you have there !!!

One thing though, only 30 votes from what appears to be over 10,000 members shown as being on the forum?? :eek:
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