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OWNER: Patrick

Yamaha Roadstar
Custom paint
V&H Longshots
Tombstone Tailight
Blue L.E.D. Light kit

I've only had the bike about 3 weeks and the only thing I've done to it(so far) is the mirrors and LEDs. Not gonna do very much else as I think it will take away from the looks. Thanks

OWNER: -Breakdown-

Year: 1999
Make/Model: DragStar Custom
Eng size: 650
- powder coated fork parts
- 2" powder coated risers
- 40cm powder coated Ape Handlebar with inside wiring
- engine painted in glossy black
- S&S air cleaner with selfmade holdings
- black paintjob
- side covers in glossy black with pinstriping
- removed the heatshield from the pipes, wrapped them and painted 'em black
- custom designed spring seat
- 100% selfmade rear fender
- powder coated license plate holder
- painted some smaller parts by myself


Year: 2001
Make/Model: V Star Classic
Eng size: 650
Modifications/Accessories:Grips, Bar, Kuryakyn Hypercharger, Vanes&Hines Pipes, Custom Paint, Custom seat, 40mm ammo cans
Length of time to build: 10 years (17 if you count the story)

Bought the bike off the showroom floor in 2001 with a bonus that I received from the AirForce. Couldn't ride it home because I didn't have a license, so had a buddy bring it back to my house. Took my riders course and within a month of riding, I was struck in a Walmart parking lot by a little old lady that "didn't see me". Then she proceeded to get back in her car and drove off...Sigh! Started saving my money to get replacement parts and thus began the process of creating what you see today. Joined the Airforce as a ejection seat mechanic and after a few years working on airplanes decided to switch to people and became a medic. Each portion of the bike has something to do with my career in the military. The patches are all of the units that I was assigned or attached with. The seat was crafted by my little brother. He just decided one day that he was going to learn how to tool leather and this was the second seat that he made. My battery cover is painted to resemble Afghanistan where I served with 2 different units. Got injured in Afghanistan and had to have 2 back surgeries and was retired after 17 years of service. The good news about being injuried, it set aside plenty of time for me to work on my bike...Finally got all the parts and paint finished this spring and now that both of us are put back together. It's time to ride and enjoy the beautiful Wisconsin weather.

OWNER: jhennly

Year: 2007
Make/Model: VStar Custom
Eng size:650 cc
Modifications: Raked trees, extended forks, lowered, front wheel swap
Accessories: Bars, risers, grips, mirrors, all lights including frame lights, HardKrome Exhaust, Hypercharger, HD horn, fork bullets, Pegs, rear wheel cover, driveshaft cover, swing arm covers, seat, side mount plate, aftermarket full rear fender-removed front fender, painted or powdered most of the chrome, or accessories that were purchased as chrome.
Length of time to build: Still at work

And the story/inspiration/additional comments:
My story is one of “love at first sight”. I was in the market for a bike, and really had my eye on one from another brand, that was all black. Unfortunately, it was out of my budget at the time. I didn’t give up hope though. I searched day and night, quite literally, for a cheaper alternative. I guess you could say I was slightly impatient. We’ll before long, I found it. The Yamaha Midnight Custom 650 was the bike for me. The price was ideal, allowing me to pay cash for one, and call it all mine! Sadly, there wasn’t one at the local dealer, so I began my tireless search again. At last, about two hours away, a dealer had one still in the crate, but said he could have it ready for me first thing in the morning. Well, guess who was waiting on him when he turned the key, and opened for business the next morning. A couple of signatures later, and I was the proud owner of a 2007 Vstar Custom. After a polite thank you or two, I bid them good bye. As casual as I could manage, I strolled out the door, and took a seat on MY bike for the first time. Our maiden voyage together was over 100s mile taking her back home. From that day forward, I’ve never looked back, and never regretted buying my VStar. It is truly a great bike!

OWNER: dbrock

Year: 2007

Make/Model: Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic

Eng size: 1100cc-actually less

Modifications: 6 inch rear drop, cams, Pipes, home made Running lights, Carb Mod & Jetting , external oil filter ,ignition coils & wires, new Yamaha modified Starter Clutch --yea... this is a mode lol

Accessories:seats . windshield , tach, tail lights, brass and copper head light hood, steel braid,white walls, welded steel foot rests & crash bars with deer antlers, copper and brass work front fender , side covers, permanent 1912 leather saddle bag --

Length of time to build: one week

And the story/inspiration/additional comments:

the first bike i ever rode was a 125 yamaha. I was 13 and a " mascot" with the south florida outlaws. rode all over sf with a black beret, imagine .. like an old wild bunch movie with this kid on a hot 125 cc with guys on harley's..

from that summer of fun, i would do on to build 39 bikes. from triumph (7)and harley (12) to honda cb750 (5) and i between. many i built rode for 6 mos then sold.

.. in any case, when our 4th daughter was born 17 years after her last sister , i sold my awesome miami dolphin blue magneto driven (no battery) , back brake only, super chopped triumph and gave up riding.

it is funny what happens later in life. you begin to fear that you will wipe out leaving your daughter to fend for herself. notice i did not say wife! 48 years of riding and several road whacks and i nver gave it a thought. but then age occurs and new life and you think..

9 years slipped by when i saw an add for v star. i mean i saw it and went to the dealer with my daughter to look at the 1100. it did not take too many "just get it" from the wife and daughter to make a decision.

like any bike addict, after studying the web as too customization and tricking out , i invested in the parts and then, and only then, did I purchase this 1100 off the floor--- it was the first new bike i ever invested in-- I had it stripped down the first week end. I have many talents including watch restoration and jewelry fabrication . i used copper silver steel & leather for trim work . I have a skull ring with a black widow i carved and cast, so i carved 30 spiders in wax and cast them. i welded them to heavy copper sheet and used this on the bike.

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CONGRATULATIONS TO jhennly!! this one was sooooooooo close!

noticed that you too have your bike on Yamaha's virtual bike show competition on their site. i almost want to take mine off because that competition is such a joke. there have been a couple winners whose bikes were more stock than anyone else's and they were poor pictures or representations of their bikes to begin with. those winners must have mass-emailed everyone they've ever known to pimp their votes to win.
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