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BOTM February Voting

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Hello everyone. February is a short month, so we better get to voting. I would like to remind or invite you all to share awesome pics of your unique or slightly customized rides. Submit a new thread within the section, StarBikeForums Bike of the Month, and label it "Bike of the Month Entry for March Voting"... (or something like that).

I am happy to say we that we did have one official entry. Pics of your unique ride may also be grabbed from the "Show off your Ride" threads, and within the Gallery. So if you have great pics, we want them!

Here are the February bikes to vote on....


"Up for your pleasure is my 2015 Raider. Mods include Cobra pipes, Open top intake with K&N and Ivan brackets, Ivan's flash, Yamaha engine guards, and luggage rack. Passenger seat delete with an Ultimate rider seat. Kury grips and mirror extensions."

NGM posted more great pics in his thread----->>My BOTM Entry.


VStar 650, "It has V&H exhaust put on it... I put on the fork gaiters, did some spot painting, the blinkers, the air filter cover, and replaced the mirrors. Oh, and the foot rests got replaced..."


2012 VStar 950
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