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keep in mind that entries could only be limited to 8 pics for each voting period, and all of these entries were submitted before others in this contest

07 V-Star 1100, pipes are DG Hard Krome 2.75 Inch Big Sraights, Stiletto seat, lots of extra chrome (mostly from Kuryakyn..love them)

My 2008 Star Raider
All stock except for the addition of the WillieMax saddle bags mounted on Pacific Coast Star's detachable brackets.

This picture was taken July 3rd near the top of Red Mountain Pass in southwest Colorado. Red Mountain Pass seperates the small mining towns of Ouray on the northside and Silverton on the southside.

The timbers are a part of the Treasury Tunnel head of the Idarado Mine. One of the largest in the area with nearly 100 miles of underground tunnels!

I purchased the bike Memorial Day weekend and currently have just over 5300 miles on it. What a great bike Yamaha has here!

I am from Europe Bulgaria. Just wanted to show the European edition. I have bought it from the local Yamaha dealer. Probably the only 2 differences with the US edition are the name and the ecological standard. It has EURO 3.

My 2009 V-Star 950
Not alot of mods,just a solo mustang seat with back rest & rear fender bib,run a national cycle chopper screen on the long hauls,will eventually be changing the handle bars (undecided) & muffler (cobra slash down).
Just like to keep it simple but effective.
My bike at Hastings Marina,Western Port,Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Took a short ride down the peninsula of Port Philip bay & Western Port,the Western Port part of the ride is the best,great scenary, ocean views & good variations of riding conditions.

When I bought this bike it was all dressed out with windshield, bags, passenger seat, backrest, etc. I took all that stuff off, put on hard krom pipes, removed all of the AIS system, lowered the rear 2”, extended the controls 2” , etc. Having done that, I wanted to do some thing to the tank. I thought about flames, but that was too common for me so I thought I might do something really different. I had never seen anyone do an octopus on a tank and I really like them for some reason. I started out to just airbrush it on around the instrument cluster, then I decided to go one step further and build it up with clay and remove the cluster to make room for the head of the octopus. as you can see, it worked out well. Every one that has seen it here says I should offer my art to the public and do tanks for a charge. It sounds too much like a job, besides there is a lot of time and money in that kind of work and I don’t think any one would be willing to pay to have it done. Although I would be interested in doing another one of some thing else,like a dragon or gator.

Here is my bike. I couldn't afford a HD, but really wanted to get a nice bike. A good friend of mine suggested the V-Star as he had owned one before and really liked it. So I bought this bike used, with only 3500 miles on it, and 100% completely stock. I started out changing just a few little things like removing the floor boards and putting on the extended forward controls, and changing out the stock grips. 2 years and a lot of sweat and cash later, I have custom fenders I made myself, a stretched tank, a custom made seat and custom paint. LED turn signals, a maltese cross headlamp and a side mounted license plate. 4" risers for my bars, Barnett cables and an upgraded barnett clutch kit. And finally I just finished an engine rebuild with performance cams and pistons, keihin 39mm flat side carbs, a dyna 300, and the very loud curb burner pipes. With the exception stretching the tank and making the seat, I have done all the work myself.

I bought this bike for my wife for a surprise 20th anniversary present.
It was a bike she kept talking about. A guy bought it for his wife, but she wouldn't ride it. It only has 600 miles on it. She drove by the place and she called me and said "The bike is gone" I just said " Thats too bad, there'll other bikes". She sure was surprised when I pulled in the driveway on it. For right now everything is stock, but she loves it. It is a big step up from her 84 Shadow.

Here are a couple of shots of my '05 V-Star 1100 Custom. I bought it off the original owner who had put only 1840 miles on it since he bought it new in 2006. It's setting on a new concrete patio I just poured a couple of weeks ago;
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