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V Star 650 Midnight Custom
V & H Shortshots

OWNER: ChiknNutz

2008 Stratoliner, purchased new 11/05/2011.

It's a buyer's market these days and I have been looking for several months for something more comfortable than my '89 Gixxer. I plan to use this as my commuter as much as possible, plus I just love to ride. I was originally looking hard at the Raider, but decided on the Strat due to it being better suited for comfort. My wife likes the looks of the Raider a lot more, but she's not the one riding this as much as I am, nor is she writing the check ;-)

OWNER: z_thunder

My 2003 1100 V Star Classic Customized
After her transformation...She's now The Low Star

OWNER: hotrodvstar

Please check out my Blackbullet.
This is a 2009 VStar 950 Tourer. I wanted the bike to have it's own look so first I removed the passenger seat and sissy bar then swapped the sissybar braces so the tops were pointed down. I added 18 led lights to the braces. Then I added a Mustang seat cover and a Matazu drivers backrest. I put a power plug for my GPS on the handlebars and a black Barron's pinstripe airbox on. This helped my sound, horsepower and MPG. Up front I added a Batwing fairing. I have a clear 9" and the dark 5" windshields. Below are the Lindby bars. I also installed a run-brake-turn on the taillights and a new 120 led brake light courtesy of Custom Dynamics. My Star is the model for that light and you can see my bike on the Custom Dynamics website. The hard bags came with the windshield.

OWNER: sandman

2006 Roady

OWNER: 924gtr

My 2006 Roadliner S
Tsukayu jumbo strong saddle bags and fairing.

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