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Here are additional pics.

Farkles and Custom stuff (done by previous owner, but I will soon farkle it up the way I like it):
  • Custom paint job - Grim Ripper and his naked friend on the fender!
  • HD trunk with Princess backrest! Wired for brake and continuous lights
  • Fi 2000 fuel processor
  • K&N Filter in a KY hyper-charger (~10 HP boost)
  • Tiny mirrors (they suck!)
  • Pillion floor-boards
  • Adjustable rider backrest
  • Front crash guard
  • Drink holder
Next to-do: :cool:
  • HID passing lights (or Xenon)
  • HID fog-lights (or Xenon)
  • Back-off
  • Nautilus Airhorn
  • Rear wide (enough) crash guard (*)
  • Shark Speaker set 250W?
  • Handlebar mounted / clamp-on convex mirrors (*)
  • Large and usable mirrors (* need ASAP)
  • Heated grips (*)
  • Handguards / Wind Deflectors (Yamaha or Aftermarket *)
(*) Let me know if you want to part with these or recommend where to buy good quality.

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that's a good looking bike, but you might want to think about posting a full pic of your ride that you want people to vote on. with the pic you chose here you're asking people to vote on 10% of your total bike.
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