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OWNER: jmanor

05 1100 Classic

I served in the U.S. Army 101st Airborne from 1998-2006 and saw a few cruisers but I had a sports bike and wasn't into that style yet. I test drove a Harley Fat Boy at Americade a few laters later and picked up my 05 1100 Classic in Feb 2012. So Far it has: custom paint, swapped out floor boards for pegs, Drag bars, Custom speedo, Hard Krome Stripper exhaust, Kury chrome parts, Customized headlight with 8000k HID, intergrated smoked rear turn signals, Kury lay down lic plate and other stuff I forgot. Up next is Metz 880's White Walls (sitting in my garage), powder coated wet black OEM rims, polished lowered forks and possibly chopper style headlight and of course a Chubby Kit.

OWNER: yotawheelin95

My 1997 Yamaha Royal Star

Make/Model: Yamaha Royal Star
Eng size:1300 V4
Modifications: Bub 4 into 4 pipes, Corbin seat, K&N Filter, Bigfoot Mod, Grips, Pegs, Hopefully more to come!

Accessories:Bags, Boards, Shield, Backrest,

Length of time to build:I bought it mostly this way 1 year ago

And the story/inspiration/additional comments: I bought it and got a good deal on it. Found out a little while later why. It had an issue where it would die in the wind. It took me a while.... OK the girlfriend figured it out! She told me and I found after the P.O. did the bigfoot mod, they took off a cover over the airbox. I put this on and could ride in a class 5 hurricane!

OWNER: jimk345

My 2012 1300T

This is my 1300T at Sandy Hook NJ two weeks before Hurricane Sandy hit. My favorite riding spot has been washed away


'07 Road Star Silverado

Motorcycling and photography are where I spend my leisure time and money. It's great when you can combine them.

OWNER: evilvtwin

My 2001 Midnight Star

Engine has pretty much been modified bottom to top. Lots of chrome and custom work. Ness Fat 40 18" wheels with 180 rear and 140 front. I will take better pics if anyone is interested.

OWNER: kilted

2000 Vstar 1100 TRAVELLER

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