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broke down

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Last weekend my 04 classic broke down 150 miles from home, ouch.
To keep it short my drive shaft turns but the rear wheel doesn't.
When it failed I rolled up to a stop sign, waited on two cars to pass, let out on the clutch and nothing, just like I was in nutreul. It make no noise, no clinks, no clanks, no rattle. Wondering if I should invest in a complete assembly or just repair what's broke, and no I have'nt had the time to tear things down and look inside yet, work, work. Going to start that this week. Looking for the best solution.
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well really to be honest it would be hard to say what you should do until we know whats broke. I have never had this situation before so i wouldn't want to even guess yet but keep us informd and maybe we can help you out better
If this is a 650 you are talking about, it's most likely the rear splines on the drive shaft that are "gone".
There were a bunch of 650s that left the factory with an insufficient amount of grease on those splines. I forget what years were involved but as well as I remember, the 04s were included. It is advised elsewhere that everyone that owns one of the older 650s that they pull the rear wheel to check these splines.

Some have used the rear end of the 550 Virago's to repair/replace the rear drive as the worn splines usually wear out the splines in the drive unit.

I pulled the rear wheel on my 06 650 Classic and the drive shaft had plenty of grease but that didn't stop me from applying more. The grease should have a high moly content, such as the Honda grease.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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