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A fellow member of rswarrior.com purchased a new 2006 Warrior from:

Miller's Yamaha
Lemont Furnace, PA

He loved the Warrior but was unaware of the differences between yearly model features.
After visiting the rswarrior.com website he noticed that his wheels were different than other 2006 models. The 2006 models came with 5spoke wheels, while all previous models came with 3 spoke ones. He checked with Yamaha and they said they didn't issue any 2006 models with 2005 wheels.
He asked the dealer about it and they blew him off. He even went to the owner with the same result. All he asked for were the correct wheels for the bike.
His main concern now is that the bike may be aa rebuild after a demo wreck or something of that nature. He's checked his bill of sale and nowhere on the receipt does it mention "as is" or any other questionable reference.
He's spoken to the BBB, the Attorney General's office, and the State Police. They've discovered some serious infractions with this transaction.
If you're looking to buy a new Yamaha you may want to think twice before visiting this one until the smoke has cleared.
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