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I posted this on another forum.

"This is on my '14 Yami 1300 Tourer, duel front disk brakes.

Front tire went flat, bought a new Metz & had it installed.
I felt a ''buzzing" in the grips, & at 40 mph, if I wasn't holding tight to the bars, they'd really jump around.

Turned out they mounted the tire with the red dot on the sidewall almost opposite of the air valve.
Had them remount the tire correctly, now the bars no longer jump, but I still get an intense buzzing at 40mph.
Above & below 40, I can still feel it, but not as pronounced...."

There were a lot of good sugggestions made, here's the bottom line.

Solved! Bad Tire!

Rode to Cycle Gear where I purchased the tire, told the manager about the problem.
He said it might be "This'', or it could be "That", or it could be the forks got twisted.
He suggested I go to the Independent shop behind C-G & have them take a look.

So I go, and Lo & Behold, the guy who used to work on my bike 15 years ago is running the shop.
Said the owner was recovering from a bad case of Lyme Disease.

So, I tell him the story (As I related here). When I'm done, he states it's the tire.
I mentioned what the Manager had said. When I was done speaking, he said it's the tire, and
went on to explain why it couldn't be what the Mgr. said.

Then, Fate Smiled on me!

He called his supplier, that tire was on back order.
Then he looked at his rack of new tires, I'd guess there were no more than 8, and he
had the one Metz, that fit my bike.

Swapped tires, road tested it, came back, had me road test it, I payed for it, & was good to go.
Brought the bad tire back to Cycle Gear & got my money back.

Just FYI, the mechanic told me I was the 4th person into his shop in the past 6 weeks that got a bad tire.
He's replaced 2 Dunlops, a Pirelli, & my Metz.

I still have a very, very slight buzz, which I'm hoping is due to the newness of the tire.
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