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Hello from Texas,
I am in need of installing a set of Saddle bags. I did not think I would need them but have found out that driving to work everyday you need to carry things( also you might have to stop at the food market on the way home.I know that this is personal preferance but can you fellow riders help me out here. I have been looking at River Road. My concern is will they fit and clear my pipes and turn signals. I was thinking about the Medium slant braided. Of course I dont want to take away from the sporty look of my scoot, so what do you riders think? Compact, medium, slant or regular?http://www.westendmotorsports.com/saddlebagsluggage-saddlebags-c-303_306_519_1115.html?page=2&sort=3a

Please your comments are needed.
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