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Can't keep her started without the choke

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Okay, so she sat a little too long this time. My bike is a 2007 1100 custom and I just replaced the battery. The problem: If I put the choke on, it remains running but I can only cut it back 1/4 of the way before it cuts off. In addition, when I attempt to give her throttle, she dies. Should I try some fresh gas? If I do, should I drain the old gas before putting fresh gas in? I don't know!
Looking for some good advice here :D
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I think you have figured it out. It set to long and some gummy carburetors resulted. I think today's gas goes bad a little quicker. I hear good things about Sea Foam carburetor and injector cleaner. As bad as your's sounds I doubt it will work but you might try first draining the tank to get all the old gas out, then add half a can of Sea Foam to a full tank of gas. If you can keep it running long enough to clean it out.

If this does not work I'm sure you will wind up removing, cleaning, reassembling, and balancing the carburetors. You can buy Sea Foam at some auto parts stores and Wall mart. I'm sure some of those other eight to ten dollar cleaners will work but I hear lots of people talk about Sea Foam.

Dave hit this one right on the head!

You probably have the idle circuit jets gummed up, usually this means doing what Dave has mentioned, just make sure that you sync your carb after-wards.

In order to avoid this problem in the future, I recommend that before you store it away, you use a fuel stabilizer, fill your tank and run it for a few minutes, then disconnect the fuel line and drain the carburetor, this is also the right time to change the oil and filter.

I always used to do this to my other bikes that used carburetors, so after changing the Oil I would also pull my spark plugs, add two tablespoons of oil in each cylinder, turn the bike over a couple of times, and then re-install the spark plugs, then I would remove the battery and store it inside where its warm.

You may also want to also lift the bike off the ground or, just keep rotating the wheels in order to avoid flat spotting the tires.

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With fuel stabil its best not to drain the carbs. The more fuel the longer it will take to tarnish the jet openings and with stabil it shouldnt be an issue anyway. Run the bike every few weeks and skip all the other oil in the cylinder and other stuff. With a battery tender starting it now an then will not deplete the battery charge.

I would not think you would have any trouble if you are running the bike every few weeks. Specially if you use Stabil. My bike has set for two months last two winters.
I had the same problem. The previous owner installed Cobra slip ons and did not get it re-jetted in accordance to all literature and specifications. I had to choke the thing on a 95 degree Florida day! Didn't make sense. I had the mechanic re-jet the carb to sync with the ratios created by the Cobras. The difference is night and day, plus throttle response if phenomenal! No more choke, power on demand, great sound, and attitude.
fogging oil and oil in spark plug holes

With the high price of platinum plugs, I have quit using fogging oil or oil in the spark plug holes. You will ruin a set of $8 a piece plugs with all the oil. Better to go a little heavy on the Sta-bil, store with the high octane gas, preferably without ethanol, as gas does loose octane over time, and fire it up every month or so. I now do this with lawn & garden equipment, boat, snowmobile, motorcycle and scooters. Everything seems to keep running fine. Good Luck!
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