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Cant see the odometor

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The speedometor/odometor set up in my 2001 1100 classic is a pain in the rear. I can't see the mileage readout (digital), therefore, I dont know how long I have till I need to fill up again...Looking for an aftermarket guage system that is completely (for lack of a better term) analogue. Saw a set up on a 2009 Strato(?) that was seriously rockin'! Gas gauge, tach, rollover mileage readout, etc. BUT it wont work with my wiring harness. Now, I am a FIRM believer of the motto "If there is a will, there is a way"...If I gotta rip all the connections off and re-wire the sucker then thats what I'll do...but I'd rather not unless there are no other options. So, I've been looking for aftermarket or other options, and so far I'm coming up blank. Thanks for reading...hope to get some ideas from ya'll.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Ride safe!
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Miss Yama Dawg,
I ride until I have to go on reserve, switch over and then I know I have 35 miles to find a gas station. I installed the Baron riser/tach setup so I could tell how fast I was going, with out looking down at the speedo. Other option is install GPS. That will give you speed, time, and distance. Plus it may help keep you from getting lost, err I mean taking the sienic route. Some of us have that problem.;)
Thanks for replying DMT...I think maybe I wasn't making my point. I'm trying to get AWAY from all things digital on my bike. If I put a GPS on there, I'm not doing that. While I appreciate the input, I have a goal in mind for my bike, and nothing short of what I want will do. I dont want to add suplimental gauges and/or equipment to the bike....I DO want to replace what exisits on the tank completely. There are ALOT of things I want to do to customize the bike-including, but certainly not limited to: changing the pipes and air cleaner, installing the external oil filter kit, getting a custom triple light bar installed, fabricating new and completely unique front and rear fenders from fiberglass, installing new LED turn signals and a recessed tail light, getting a side plate bracket...etc.,etc. I'll post a pic of what my bike looks like now in a few days, and as I get the work done, will post more so ya'll can see the transformations. Have a great day! See ya in the funny papers. hehe
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I know this may sound like I'm being a smart A$$, but are you using polarized glasses? LED's are impossible to read with polarized specs. I'm just sayin' :D
Sometimes I do, sometimes I dont. But when Im trying to look at it, I take whatever eyewear I am wearing OFF. That isnt my problem. My problem is that Arizona is sunny 9-10 months out of the year, and the sun effects the way those read-outs look over time. I want to replace it. Simple as that.
I got you. Just a suggestion... Have you considered a spedo visor? Something like this

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When I first noticed I was having problems seeing the read-out, I did consider that as an option. But it would only have been a temporary fix. Have you ever had a LED clock that was left in your cage, and then one day you look at it and it is distorted looking and doesnt work anymore? The same basic principles apply in this situation. The sun exposure here ruins so much, and if I want to be able to see my mileage, it needs to be a different set-up.
I will ask the question again. Does anyone know WHERE I can get an after-market gague that is analogue and is compatable with a 2001 1100 Classic?
I understand now. Sorry I wasn't much help. Good luck.
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