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I have been through the threads, most all of them and i simply cant find anything related to the issue im having...

2002 Vstar 650 Classic

I have gone through the carbs, adjusted valves, changed oil twice, lubed up the rear end, built my manometer and synced the carbs, adjusted all cables and learned to lube them etc etc etc... and all done through this site and various links from this site... to that, i say thank you. Here is my issue.

Bike runs great, averaging 48mpg on last tank. My issue is start up and use of choke.

To start, i pull choke handle all the way out, start bike. Bike immediately fires, RPMs increase as they should.... then.... it bogs down. In order to keep bike running, choke goes in all the way and i have to use the throttle to stabilize the rpm and keep it from dying. Very shortly after, lots of exhaust smoke out the rear cylinder. This generally takes a few minutes at idle to clear out, but then goes back to normal. My assumption is that the choke is more than a little rich on rear cylinder or too lean on the front?... but thats why i am here

I did the choke test and bike bogs down when fully warmed. Does not run any better pulled out so i am not running lean (to my knowledge).

The bike runs fantastic down the highway and since i went through the carbs, i have not a single issue getting her on the interstate and topping her out. Runs like a champ when warm, just having an issue with cold starting and the use of the choke.

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