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Hello all I am new to this forum and just bought myself a 2001 Road Star 1600.

So since I just bought this bike I don't know its full history and I am trying to get some information and ideas.

The bike has 16k miles and was owned by an older gentleman who did some mods but I am not sure if the carb has ever been cleaned properly or even jetted to support the mods.

So I would like to know where I can find a quick write up of how to remove and clean the carb, then also how to re-jet the carb, as well as some ideas on what kind/size jet I need.

The bike has cobra straight pipes, and a baron bid air kit on it.

I know this may be a simple question that has been hammered all over but I haven't seen it. Any help on how to remove/clean the carb, and then how to re-jet as well as what type I need would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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