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I previously replaced my carburetor intake boots (needlessly I might add), due to what I thought were cracks. They were surface cracks only. Anyway I replaced them with these From Amazon:


Be careful with the Amazon ones, the small vacuum connections on mine came loose and you can pull them completely out of the boots. Found that out while trying to sync. Cheap for sure. OEM next time. I replaced them back with the originals, and while putting them back on I accidentally placed them so that the screws to tighten the bands at the top were on the air box side. I guess I reversed the boots front to back. At this time I noticed that the carburetor sits more level with the bike in this position. I couldn't reach one of the top band screws to tighten due to the carburetor itself, so I switched it back- but I noticed once I mount the carburetor it appears to lean a little to the port (left) side.
My questions :
1) does the carburetor normally sit tilted to the left?
2) can this cause a float problem?

Thanks in advance!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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