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'02 Vstar 1100 custom.
Slip on exhaust
Ais system removed.

After looking, reading, searching, googling, etc I have determined that my carbs should have a 122.5 main in front, 120.0 in rear, and 20 pilots in both.
With 1mm shims on the needles.

The needles is where my question comes in

PO paid he put the kuyrikayn needles in when he put the hypercharger on. (Along with saying he just put the biggest jets he had in).
So, with those needles in do I still need to shim? Or will they be made as though they already were shimmed?

Also, how bad is this job going to be? I've never rejetted a carb before.
I do have some wrenching experience, and am not afraid to tear something apart. One worry I have is setting the air/fuel mix after back together. Guy at Yamaha shop said its easy, all they do is adjust till idle stops going up.
Also plan to check/set valves while its torn down.

I was going to wait on doing this until I got some ride time in, but he backfiring is horrible. Got to grab the clutch every time I let off throttle or sounds like an 18 wheeler J brake. PO liked it. I don't. I like noise, and feel that loud pipes save lives etc, but that sounds like crap. I don't want to be looked at during all that blatting.

Sorry, got sidetracked.
So, how bout the shims?
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