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Carb problem after jetting

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I just put Baron Slip-ons on my bike and I have drilled two holes in my air intake (cheap man's forced air intake). I installed the jet kit that was supplied to me, turned the PMS screws out 4 turns, now the bike does not idle when cold and using the choke. Any thoughts?
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Can you just adjust the PMS screw till it does idle? Maybe try 2 1/2 turns instead of 4

Thank you for the reply. I turned the PMS screws all of the way back in, then out 2 1/2 complete turned per Carb. It is running better, but my guess is that it is still too rich. I no longer need to use the choke to cold start it and if I do it just kills it. I have never adjusted the PMS on a bike before so please forgive me for my ignorance. Also, is there an easy tool to use to get to the PMS screws? I am using a phillips screw tip in my finger tips in order to turn it and that makes it rather awkward
Here's a link to an adjuster, sure makes it easy
Sounds like you're in the right direction. What jets and needle setup are you using? Washers spacers and such?

Thank you for the reply. I used the Baron Needle/Jet Kits since I bought the Baron Slip-ons. I do not have the sizes nor the instructions on me. I do know that I put the c-clip on the needle on the 4th grove. I will post the instructions later. Thanks again!
I am thinking that I am running too lean now since I have all of the popping. I am also going to do the AIS Removal. I have found nothing on why when I try to use my choke that it will kill the bike and without using the choke it will start.
The popping out your exhaust is actually a rich condition. Unburnt fuel igniting in the muffler. The AIS adds air to the exhaust, to clean up the emmissions. If its backfiring out the carb this is a sign of lean condition.
Sorry didn't read all the question. Again you are running rich, so when you activate the choke it makes it richer still.
More thoughts crossing my mind on the ride to work. What kind of jets are they? Hopefully they r Mikuni, but probably they r Dyna Jets. LOL Did they come in a little plastic box with multiple partitions, jets and needles? Go to this link and match up your setup to the chart (hint scroll way down).


Jet sizes are listed in mikuni sizes. Here is a link to a conversion for dyna to mikuni jets.

LOL one more thing. if you can go back to the stock needles.

Here is alot of info about your bike in general.

Thank you, it is fixed!!!

First of all, I really appreciate the responses on this problem. What I realized I did last night after going over the directions again is that I replaced the starter jets as well, which since the needle goes into them this would no longer block it and allow fuel to slip by, my bad. This was my first jetting job and I have learned from my mistake. I blame my fiance who was sitting in the garage with me which I really did appreciate while I did this even though she does not agree that it was her fault, still fun to blame her though.

After redoing this last night and taking it for a test ride, I still had a little backfiring and popping so I temporarily disabled the AIS system and I no longer have this problem. I am going to remove this the next chance I get.
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