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carb problems...

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I have an '02 1100 custom with a Maxair kit in it and the AIS removed and plugged. When i try to start, I'm getting gas coming out of the overflow tube and out of the bowl (vent or drain??) for the front cylinder. If i turn the petcock on the tank to off, obviously it stops, but as soon as i turn it on, it starts pouring out again. Is this a float problem or am i looking at something else. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Aaron
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That would be my thought. A stuck, dirty, or out of adjustment float. Sounds like a big job. I guess you could try some cleaners first. Not sure if that is likely to help. Here is a link to a site with some info.


Yeah, its not too bad of a job. I did the air kit myself and have had the carbs off before. I guess i'll be pulling them off....
deffinently a stuck float. Make sure that you compensate for the spring in the float valve during adjustment.

That would be a first guess for sure, sounds like it. On older cars with carbs, or any thing with carbs, that sure did happen, let us know if that was the fix for you, ok?
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