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My wife and I just picked up a 1972 CB175 K6, which will be her learner bike. It's in pretty solid original condition, about 4600 miles, and runs well. We are struggling with just one issue right now: exhaust. The previous owner cut off the rusted stock mufflers and added JC Whitney slip-ons. They are ridiculously loud, and we both prefer a much quieter bike. The best solution would be OEM, and I think we're mentally prepared for the financial shock of that, but a pretty thorough search of many Internet vintage parts sites, Honda dealers specializing in vintage parts, and of course Ebay, has come up completely dry.

Does anyone by any wild chance happen to know the whereabouts of a set of stock pipes? How about a complete donor bike?
Does anyone have a good recommendation for salvage yards?

Aftermarket? I see a variety of slip-on universal-fit mufflers in places like JC Whitney, Dennis Kirk, etc. I have also seen "mini-mufflers" in JC Whitney that fit inside 1-1/2" header pipes. Any experience here? We know the JC Whitney pipes are loud and we're hopeful those mini-mufflers might do the trick.

Are there any less obvious avenues I should be exploring? Has anyone discovered a set of pipes intended for some other machine that just happen to work in the CB175 application? Finally, what is the best exhaust for moto in your opinion?

Best regards,
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