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I think PO used something "close enough" and had some gummy stuff ( I was assuming was locktite) on the threads.

There is no way to confuse the one in the center for a longer bolt. It's no longer than the other shorter bolts.

I taped across the bolt-holes on the lid/cover as I was removing it to be sure for re-installation.

Any ideas where can find a replacement? Or a length I can get a t-5 bolt with the same thread pitch as the other longer bolts.

Is my bike safe? I've tried re-installing as was, but it's hard to call it done or feel good/safe about it when I know its not right.

The center bolt reinstalled, seems to want to strip out and free spin if you tighten it any more than slightly tighter than snug. I'm torquing the rest to 6.8 Pounds.

Trying to make the most of a rainy day.
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