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Hello All

Still looking for exhaust on my 2012 Roadstar. Here are my questions.

1: pros and cons of ceramic

2: pros and cons of Chrome.

3: Does the polished silver ceramic look like chrome?

4: Will the ceramic exhaust feel cooler on my leg than the chrome.

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Hi Kraft 1,
This is my take, and only mine, lol.
1: Pros - durability and no fading and big reduction of heat. Cons: initial cost.
2: Pros - looks, also with great durability. Cons-no significant heat reduction and subject to bluing.
3:Can look close, but not quite the same shine.
4: Yes it will feel a good bit cooler. If you go ceramic, the best is having it coated inside and out, however it can be pricey.
Again, this is just my opinion and experience. Hope this helps.
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