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Hi I have a V star 250 its maybe 2 or 3 months old, and i was preparing for a ride of about 3 hours one way and noticed my chain was loose ... so i read in the manual how to adjust it... pretty strait forward... Loosen the nut ... and just tight'n the adjustment bolts evenly according to the marks ... did that ... Tightened up the Nut Again put the Carter key back in.... and went about 20 feet then i could hear the Chair Grinding .. stopped tapped it with my foot and it was SOOO tight it was making the clutch grind ... adjusted it again .... again became super tight ... did it again... and it stayed ... now its loose again ... its been about a month... any tips or observations as to what it might have been that i did wrong?

Oh and to not waste space in the forum i'm also considering going with the 17f/41R sprocket conversion .. i've been reading about it but any additional info would be great, i found the sprockets on bikebandit for a 2006 year model but i'm guessing they're the same as a 2009, i'm just looking for some ways to Boost the power the bike has, i love the light size because i just don't bite on Heavy bikes and i'm not a Crotchrocket fan... And its like impossible to find Aftermarket Pipes for these guys ... i'm just say'n

anyway thanks for any help that you may be able to lend me
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