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Chatterbox XBI2 Group Buy $166.00 Ea

15% off units $166.00 Ea. Full face kit or Open face/Modular kit

I have 5 units sold for the group of bikers I ride with already

The XBi2 is the latest bike-to-bike wireless intercom that also comes equipped with A2DP Bluetooth technology.

It has all the features that the XBi has but with additional power that will allow simultaneous communications between 3 riders (all at once) with up to 500 meters of range [1,640 ft] in optimum conditions.

This Wireless Bluetooth Bike to Bike Intercom is unlike any other on the market.

Capable of pairing with up to two accessory devices at the same time. (ex. iPod, Mp3, satellite radio, GPS, cell phone, radar detector). check out the reveiw on webbikeworld

right now I am lookiing for interest so that we can figure out how many people might want i will post up how to get into the buy after that.
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