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So as the title says, wanted to share my cheap rear bobber fender for my 03 1100.

what you will need:

-XVS1300 front fender (got mine on ebay for $40)

-some 2.5" bolts 1/4 or so

-grinder with cutting wheel, plasma or means of cutting the fender

-some tape to assist with cutting lines and help with holding inplace to
check alignment

-tools for wheel removal

-Moly grease for reinstall of shaft

1- VXS1300 front fender (contours to a 170 rear tire perfectly)

2- cut it in half (use the front half)

3- using concrete floor and rubber mallet, beat a flat spot in fender by the cut edge for mounting

4- slide down behind tire to check clearances and how far to trim the sides to clear the tire (trimmed of mounting tabs basically)

5- remove rear wheel (plenty of youtube videos o assist with removal

6- couple self tappers through the fender into the vertical brace of the swing arm

7- place rear wheel into place to check clearance and alignment adjust accordingly until its to your liking

8- remove wheel again

7- drill 1\4" holes (or whetever size bolts you wish to use ) through fender and vertical brace (while still screwed to swing arm) i did 4 bolts

8- push your 2.5" bolt through the fender and the vertical brace using fender washers on inner fender side and lock washers and thread lock on other side of vertical brace

9- tighten up and place wheel back on check for alignment and clearance again, the fender will bend side to side a little bit with some force

10- re grease drive shaft and reinstall rear wheel. BOOM $40 rear fender to contour you tire

i rode about 125 miles today with the new fender on and did not have any issues at all. there is about 1" of clearance between the tire and the bolt heads easily,. my seat doesn't smack the fender being lowered 3", and fender is very sturdy, doesnt move at all and did not touch the tire at all. inner sides have about 1\2" of clearance which you can pull apart more to have more if you want. sorry i didnt take any photos of the process. if you search youtube "bobber build yamaha vstar XVS 650" you will get an idea on the cuts to make

to show the bolt end from the fender through the swing arm brace

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Nice, I'm all fore re-purposing. Looks good.
thank you, and same here just tried to make sure i got a fender that was wide enough to cover the whole tire and the 1300 fender fit the bill perfect and can actually be pulled apart more to fit a 200
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