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Cleaning tricks/shortcuts?

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Sugar Bear loves to ride and literally rides to live. Do any of you guys have tips on how to make cleaning, polishing, easier? What do you use, tools, products ect? To me , I don't want to ride a rat bike, and don't. It just seems there must be a better way, all the time spiffing up is down time, I do it , but takes forever it seems. Or are we all in the same boat? Thanks for input.:)
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Sugar bear,

If I want to do a quick job I use Yamalube Spray Cleaner Polish Detailer. About $7 a can at the Yamaha dealer. The wheels are often dusty and gritty so I rinse the dust off first. The restof the bike i just use the cleaner. On my bike the wheels are hard to get to so I jack it up and spin the wheels. It cleans without scratching even the windshield. Leaves a thin coat of wax. Honda makes a similar product, Honda spray cleaner polish. I can use it on plastic, chrome, paint, or polished aluminum. Not rubber or leather.

I have seen where some do the same with Johnson's Lemon Pledge. I have used Pledge it works well but does not hold up to water as well.

For a quick clean on the road, the bugs off the windshield, forks, and mirrors I keep a can in the bags. You can do the bike in an hour.

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Thanks Dave for your reply, I wrote that last night after several hours cleaning and polishing and was pretty frustated, I thank you for telling the way you do it. Ain't no shortcuts, huh? Just part of the game, thanks again Dave, be safe.:)
Sorry I can't help you. The next best thing besides riding for me is cleaning my Bike, so I get a case of beer and spend a few hours polishing her up ( stem to stern) ...I love retirement.
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