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I have been out of the loop for the 650 for quite sometime. I use to visit the ISRA forums a lot back in the day. But after some moving around and unemployement I didn't follow what was going on in the Vstar world since I didn't have the money to modify the bike.

I have a 2000 Vstar 650 Classic. Reading the forums and looking around on aftermarket parts sites I see there are some new products out there, along with some that I remember but can't seem to find.

One new item is the Jardine oil relocation kit. I need that!!! Especially now that I have Roadhouse 2 into 1 exhausts on the bike. It will make it easier to change oil.

I plan on bobbing the bike so it will be pretty stripped down. However, I am curious to see if there are any other newer products that I should look at that are fairly common to make the bike easier to use.

I am thinking about getting the Baron's profiler cap and then an rfid system so I don't need a key. Anyone use Digital Guard Dawg or other rfid system? Can the key still be used in parallel with the rfid system?
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