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There are now videos starting to come out showing different aspects of the Yamaha Star Venture/Eluder.

There is an oil change video out now that shows the three drain plugs and the filler holes as well as the location of the oil filter. Overall a well done video with one exception. There was an error in that video that could negatively impact an owner doing their own oil changes so here is the correct procedure for the amount of oil to add when doing an oil change with an oil filter change.

This engine/primary/transmission is a shared semi dry sump design. It is not a full wet sump system nor is it a full dry sump system.

It is very important to install the correct amount of oil in the semi dry sump oil tank and the engine crank case.

The correct amount of oil to pour into the semi dry sump oil tank is always 3.2 quarts of oil or 3 quarts 6.4 ounces.

The manual instructs you to pour the rest of the 5.6 quarts of oil into the engine crank case.

The correct amount of oil to pour into the engine crank case with an oil filter change is going to be 2.4 quarts or 2 quarts 12.8 ounces.

You can buy a cheap plastic kitchen measuring cup to measure the 6.4 ounces (semi dry sump tank) and 12.8 ounces (engine crank case).

It is very important that you pour in the correct amount of oil into the engine crank case because the oil in the crank case lubricates the primary and transmission, failing to include that .4 of a quart is just shy of a half quart low in the crank case which means the primary and transmission don't have as much oil for cooling/lubricating.

Another issue is over filling the semi dry sump oil tank will result in an incorrect reading on the dip stick, resulting in just under a half quart over full on the dip stick.

If you are changing the oil but not the filter then you would only pour 2 quarts of oil into the engine crank case, the reason you are only pouring in 2 quarts of oil is because the oil filter was not changed and already holds that extra .4 of a quart or 12.8 ounces.

You will add 3.2 quarts of oil to the semi dry sump tank regardless of changing the oil filter or not. Technically you would be overfilling the engine crank case by .02 of a court or 1/5th of an ounce of oil which is not enough to make a difference one way or the other when changing the oil without changing the oil filter.

I personally always change the oil filter at every oil change for my own piece of mind, oil filters are not that expensive. I would caution people to be careful about using aftermarket oil filters unless they can confirm the pressure specs for the oil by pass in the oil filter. To strong of a oil by pass spring can result in a filter that is collecting debris can fail to open the oil by pass and force the oil through the filter starving the engine/primary/transmission for oil. To light of a oil by pass spring and it could allow the oil to by pass the filter altogether.

Just make sure the specs for the by pass spring match the specs Yamaha has for their oil filters.
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