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Hey guys,

So over the winter I've taken everything apart on my 99' 650 VSTAR Custom other than internal engine work and reassembled. She's all back together, runs nice, no leaks. But there is an odd noise I am concerned about.

At first, when I start my ride I cannot hear this noise. It becomes more prominent when I am decelerating and after riding for more than 30 minutes. It sounds like a creak/knocking noise every time the rear tire does one full revolution. Nothing is loose or missing.

Now, when I reassembled the bike I paid special attention to the final drive. I greased the splines, torqued the final drive in the proper way, checked the gap between the hub and drive at the 12-3-6-9 o'clock positions as it is even. I did not forget any spacers and gave the axle and bearings a good greasing. The grease I used is Mobil SHC 460 which I was told is excellent for this application. The gear oil I used was a batch my friend grabbed me from his work which was 80W-90. Filled it up to the bottom edge of the fill hole.

When the bike was still on the stand I would rotate the wheel to ensure smooth and proper movement and never heard this noise then. Maybe because it wasn't on the ground or been run yet.

Anyone come across this before? I could bring it to the Yamaha place but they will only look at it for $120 an hour...
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