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yes, where you located and I can get shipping quote for you.
hope you were able to get it sold Arsey.

Bit the bullet and bought the D&D slip on new. Came three weeks later and just got it installed. Reset the ECU (via unscrewing the negative battery cable and leaving it off during installation). Fired it up and it sounds great. Pops every so often, just like with the stock pipe, but nothing big.
I was wondering if anyone, after installing a new slip on (D&D, Rush, Roadhouse, etc.) if you had smoke rolling out of the end of the pipe? It didnt smoke upon initially firing up, but after warming up, it seemed to smoke pretty consistently. The smoke isn't dark at all, and doesnt have the scent of oil or anything...wondering if anyone has seen this before, AND if so, is it something that will go away as this thing gets broken in, or is there something I need to adjust.

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