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Over the years I've decorated a couple of my motorcycle seats by adding braided vinyl to the seams and/or by adding my own chrome studs. I thought I'd share a few photos and some infor in case anyone wants to try this.

Below photo shows my VStar and my VTX seats with vinyl braid glued to the seams for decoration.

Below are the same seats with my VStar seat showing off some leather decorations I applied for a reto look.

Below is my VTX with studs I bought and put onto my seat spaced 1" apart.

I was worried about the braid coming lose, but after years of use it still has stayed put. If anyone wants to try this here are some tips:

The braid is flat vinyl braid in 1/4" width and 1 yard is enough to do a single seat seam, (buy 2 yards as this stuff is cheap). The glue is quick drying boot repair glue. The technique is:

  1. Lay out your braid along the seat seam and measure it to be sure you have adequite length.
  2. Put on some rubber gloves to keep the glue off your fingers.
  3. Cut the glue bottle tip close to the tip so only a small amount at a time comes out.
  4. Start your braid seam under the seat by gently running the glue along the underside of the braid in about a 2" lenght and carefully laying the glued braid down along the seam line doing your best to center the braid so it lays on the center of the seam.
  5. Take your time waiting for at least a full 60 seconds for the glue to grab/dry the braid in place before you go in to the next couple inches.
  6. For any sharp bends in the seam, lay the cord down along the bend 1st and bend it to match the seam bend a couple times so the cord doesn't fight so much when the glue is applied for the final lay down/match of the braid to the seam bend.
  7. Have a couple of cotton tipped Q-Tips handy to quickly wipe off any glue application accident (glue touches seat where you don't want it, or it blobs out under the seam from over application.
WARNING: If you screw up and have to scrap the project half way through your seat will likely be ruined. The glue dries fast and once it's on it will not come off without defacing your seat. I took most of the risk out of my project by buying a spare seat in case I messed up. If you go slow and are careful I think most anyone with a steady hand and patience can do this.

Here is the glue I highly recommend because it dries fast, is super strong and waterproof, and mostly becuase it dries flexible, not brittle like 'Super Glue'. Also the bottle is easy to hold/use and the dispense tip can be cut so only a small amount is dispensed for best control:


Here is where you can buy the braid:

Lastly, if you want to try the chrome studs there are a vast amoung of choices in shapes, finishes and sizes out there, including conchos and screw in studs (the star decoration on my seat is a screw in stud, verses the diamond studs that mount with metal prongs the punch through the fabric and bend closed). If you choose to mount studs you will need to pull up your vinyl seat off the backing plate after punching them in place so you can bend spike tabs flat. This requires having a staple gun to staple the vinyl cover back in place.

To find out what conchos, studs and spikes are available, just Google the words; leather conchos using Google images, or leather studs to see the huge selection out there.

Good luck if you try this! :cool:

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Looks good. It's cool when you can customize your bike without having to spend alot and it turns out really good.
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