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Detaching throttle cables

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Ok, obviously by my post count I'm new here. I have an '03 1100 that I want to change the switch housing and grips. I started with the throttle side and, while I managed to reassemble the switch without a problem, I can't seem to figure out how to release the throttle cables. I bought a Clymers book, but it doesn't offer me any insight as to how I can release the tension. I've tried messing with the tension control screw but I can never get any slack in the cable. It only tightens it up or gets to the point that it springs back into place. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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Shop Manual


welcome, Does this help? There is a section about changing the handle bars but not sure it answers your question. They talk about free play.


Thanks for the link Dave. After looking it over, I realized I needed to release the tension on the throttle body first, then disconnect the cable at the handlebar. Thanks for the link.
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